The Hoopla Around Huff Park

UPDATE 2023-08-02: The owner of the properties backed out of the meeting of the Creston Land Use committee scheduled for 2023-08-02. You can read 👉the letter from Copperrock Construction👈. In short, there is no plan to present. This is a textbook example of an outbreak of NIMBY Fever.


Planning Agenda: 2023-07-13

2023 Meeting Schedule

UPDATE: As of, and including, the October 5th meeting the venue for MobileGR Commission meetings has moved to the third floor of the GRPL Main Library (111 Library St NE)

Data Point: 2023-01, The ZORI & For-Sale

Time to check the data again.

ZORI (Observed Rents)

A 12 month increase of $157/mo (+9.2%).

Housing NEXT Needs Update

The update of the Housing NEXT needs assessment has been released.

Document @ Housing Needs Assessment | Grand Rapids/Kent County, MI 2022 [PDF, 172 pages]

Pere Marquette Ridership Recovery

Can we declare ridership on the Amtrak 370/371 corridor - the Pere Marquette - to be recovered? 2022 ridership (89,539) exceeded that of 2017 (87,276).

The all time highest ridership year is 2018 with 96,643 riders, followed by 2019 with only a few hundred less.

Now we are back to ridership growth on the Pere Marquette being limited by capacity and frequency.


Planning Commission Agenda, 2023-02-23

There are several very interesting developments on the agenda of February 23rds Planning Commission meeting. I'll use the first one to take a tour of three important concepts in Zoning & Planning: the PRD, Density, and Parking Requirement.

628 Coit NE

Update 2023-02-23: Tabled, due to massing and site design. The Planning Commission expressed no opposition to the density of parking.

Full Disclosure: I (the author) own a lot with a single unit on an block adjacent to this proposed development.


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