Mobility Update: 2024-02-12

There has been a great deal of mobility news in the past few months; 2024 is shaping up to be a big year.

ACTION: Support Zoning Reform (Planning Commission)

This Thursday (2024-01-25) the Planning Commission will hear the official presentation of a suite of zoning reforms which have been in development since the joint meeting of the Planning Commission and the City Commission in July. As expected, as with any land-use reforms, the opposition has mounted quickly.

Discussion of Zoning Reforms (2024-01-11)

UPDATE 2024-01-26: The proposed reforms were advanced to the City Commission unanimously. The stream of the meeting is available 👉here👈. It has been heard on back-channel that the approval of ADUs by Director Review by a typo, and that counter approval of ADUs is the text which will be advanced to the City Commission. Counter approval of ADUs reduces the time of the approval process dramatically in addition to eliminating a ~$1,330 fee.

Economic Development Team Meeting, 2024-01-09

At the Economic Development Team Meeting the topic of permit-ready plans for infill development was discussed/presented. This also included the conversation of potential financial assistance from the city and/or county for small and new developers. The discussion on this topic begins at ~7 (seven) minutes.


US House of Representatives' Profile Pages

Did you know that you can track both committee memberships and recent votes at the House Clerk's US House of Representatives' webpage.

For the west Michigan area [in 2024] those pages are:


Planning Agenda: 2024-01-25

The municipal agenda for the Planning Commission meeting on 2024-01-25 is 👉here👈

Advocacy Potpourri (2024-01)

There are currently a range of advocacy efforts underway in the region.

Neighbors of Belknap Lookout

For residents of NOBL and Monroe North the Belknap area neighborhood association is hosting an event to discuss housing & parking at their offices (700 Clancy Ave NE) on January 24th from 3pm - 6pm.



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