Planning Agenda: 2023-09-28

UPDATE 2023-09-29: The conversation was interesting. 👉The meeting can be viewed on Youtube.👈. Text corresponding to these proposals are expected to come back to the Planning Commission in November. If the Planning Commissions supports that edition of the change text then the texts will go to the City Commission. The City Commission will hear them ... in December? ... then schedule a public hearing in ~30 days after hearing them.

Planning Agenda: 2023-08-10

The Joint PC/CC Meeting, 2023-07-13

UPDATE 2023-09-19: Any proposed zoning reforms are now not expected to be heard until January, 2024. 🙄

UPDATE 2023-07-26: In comments related to the adoption of two city ordinances related to the unhoused population 2nd Ward Commissioner Knight made positive references to the zoning reforms; specifically to the number of unrelated persons allowed to live at a single address as well as more people being able to build accessory dwelling units.

Planning Agenda: 2023-07-13

Planning Commission Agenda, 2023-02-23

There are several very interesting developments on the agenda of February 23rds Planning Commission meeting. I'll use the first one to take a tour of three important concepts in Zoning & Planning: the PRD, Density, and Parking Requirement.

628 Coit NE

Update 2023-02-23: Tabled, due to massing and site design. The Planning Commission expressed no opposition to the density of parking.

Full Disclosure: I (the author) own a lot with a single unit on an block adjacent to this proposed development.

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