Data Point: 2023-01, The ZORI & For-Sale

Time to check the data again.

ZORI (Observed Rents)

A 12 month increase of $157/mo (+9.2%).

Housing NEXT Needs Update

The update of the Housing NEXT needs assessment has been released.

Document @ Housing Needs Assessment | Grand Rapids/Kent County, MI 2022 PDF

Data Point: 2022-12-19, The ZORI (Nov 2022)

Starting to see a few headlines like "Rents Slide by Largest Amount in at Least 7 Years"! So is it here? Despite all other indicators - low vacancy, high employment, etc... - is the zenith of rents behind us? Let's check the data.

Years To Buy, 2022

Some maps flew around social media of housing costs by county. Those maps used the Median MLS Listing Price divided by the county's median income to calculate the years-to-buy metric. The years-to-buy metric is a common way to correlate housing prices to regional income. Unfortunately the low granularity of county level data hides a great deal of variability.


What Is Affordable?

What is affordable housing? What is "A"ffordable housing?

Housing Next Needs Analysis

The Housing Next needs analysis was presented to the Committee of the Whole on 2020-07-21.

ADU 535 Shirley St

Building an ADU (Grand Rapids, MI)

The first part of this article is a narrative in response to the surprising number of questions I received regarding “Why?”. Anyone interested only in the process and numbers can scroll straight down to “The Granny Flat Alternative”.


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