Mobility Discussion @ Feb 26th Strategic Planning Session

The discussion of Mobility at the February 26th Strategic Planning Session begins at ~2:49:49. The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to link in a list of three to five year priorities the city's day to day operations and annual budget to the long range Master Plan(s). We still have to see how, or if, this works about but a focus on the materialization of long term planning goals is an admirable goal.

Some interesting points:

  • Reduction of single occupancy vehicle travel upgraded from a strategy to an objective. ♥️
  • Discussion of sidewalk snow clearing, especially around schools and frequent transit corridors. 👏
  • Expansion of the fare-free transit system [currently 19, 20, 22] into areas of need. 😎
  • Other mobility options such as car share, bike share, and scooters are still on the table [in case you'd forgotten about them]. 👍

And there was is some conversation about parking; I know... 😴 However it was repeatedly pointed out the distinction between reality and public perception.