Creston Plaza Reaches Half-way Point

The redevelopment of the affordable housing community at the intersection of Cedar and Clancy, across the street from the old Oliver plant, has reached a half-way point. This development is targeted to open in the fall of 2015. The official name for the development is "Creston Plaza Apartments", which is a bit odd as it seems more in Belknap than Creston.

Those around the development know that it has been quite a site watching the entire area be raised at least several feet by trucking in more than 60,000 cubic yards of sand. The reason for this raising was moisture and flooding. I have been told that Carrier Creek flows under the development after going underground on the east side of College Ave. Carrier Creek is exposed only between College Ave and the west end of Carrier Creek Blvd. That creek is also why Union St does not connect between Lydia and Hubart.

The rehabilitated development - which was very dilapidated - replaces the 100 duplex style units with a variety of single family units, duplexes, triplexes, and townhouses with unit sizes ranging from 800 to 1200 feet. This includes 14 single family units on Barnett St which are nearly complete, at least on the exterior. The Creston Plaza apartments target those earning 30 to 60 percent of the region's average median annual income. This is an income of $18,840 - $37,680 for a family of four. The Grand Rapids Housing Commision and partner organizations facilitated the relocation of residents of the now demolished housing.

The old Oliver factory across the street on the west side of Clancy has seen some rehabilitation and blight removal by CopperRock construction. The factory is now listed for sale. With 65,000sq ft, 26ft ceilings, and rail access it can be yours for only $1,500,000. Beware that estimated annual property tax is $340,381.


Unit Type Count
One-bedroom 16
Two-bedroom 32
Three-bedroom 41
Four-bedroom 11