The State Of Inter-CIty Transit in 2022

The level of inter-city service has declined in recent years. The direction has turned since the surprising promise of the late 2010s; recovery, and certainly expansion, seem very unlikely.

What is still available if you want to travel to a neighboring city? (Daily service)

Destination Departure Arrival
Lansing / E. Lansing 12:20 13:25 / 13:44
Lansing / E. Lansing 14:55 16:03 / 16:30
Kalamazoo 15:00 16:10
Kalamazoo 17:50 19:00
Muskegon n/a n/a
Holland 06:00 06:47
Big Rapids / Traverse City 15:15 16:25 / 19:05
Chicago, IL 06:00 09:05

The Rapid also operates route #100 in conjunction with Ferris State University. This service provides a couple of daily trips to Big Rapids on weekdays when the University is in session.

The Rapid's Laker Line is arguably an inter-city service as its 13 mile route connects Grand Rapids and Allendale; the counter argument is that the terminus lies short of the principle intersections with comprise Allendale the schedule of the service varies upon the season of the university. Also, Allendale is not a city.