US House of Representatives' Profile Pages

Did you know that you can track both committee memberships and recent votes at the House Clerk's US House of Representatives' webpage.

For the west Michigan area [in 2024] those pages are:

A quick glance at the federal House districts:

District Population Median Age Median Household Income % White
2 781,036 42 $61,030 80%
3 781,426 36 $72,574 74%
4 778,490 38 $70,086 92%

The median age of the state of Michigan is 40, the median income is $54,900, and the state's population is 74% white. Kent county has the third lowest percentage of it's population over 65 (~15%). Ten (10) counties in Michigan have over 30% of their population over the age of 65. The oldest county is Ontonagon, with a median age of ~63.

District 2 contains no significant urban centers other than Greenville.

District 3 contains Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Kentwood, Walker, Grand Haven, and most of Muskegon.

District 4 contains Holland and Kalamazoo.