The Rapid's On-Time Performance

The Rapid's goal for on-time performance of fixed route service is 90%. "On-time" is defined by the industry standard of being less than five (5) minutes late, and less than one (1) minute early. All the vehicles in the Rapid's fixed route fleet are equipped with real-time vehicle location and information systems.

On-time performance since fiscal year 2021:

Quarter Months On-Time
FY 2021 1st Quarter Oct-Dec 95.2%
FY 2021 2nd Quarter Jan-Mar 95.3%
FY 2021 3rd Quarter Apr-Jun 93.4%
FY 2021 4th Quarter Jul-Sep 88.4%
FY 2022 1st Quarter Oct-Dec 89.2%
FY 2022 2nd Quarter Jan-Mar 91.0%
FY 2022 3rd Quarter Apr-Jun 87.9%
FY 2022 4th Quarter Jul-Sep 85.8%
FY 2023 1st Quarter Oct-Dec 84.8%
FY 2023 2nd Quarter Jan-Mar 90.2%
FY 2023 3rd Quarter Apr-Jun 85.5%
FY 2023 4 th Quarter Jul-Sep 82.3%
Average 89.0%

As a public transportation service which receives some federal funding the Rapid operates on the federal calendar; the federal fiscal year is October - September. Most public transportation services in the United States operate on the federal calendar.

These are metrics for the system overall; obviously there may be wide variation on individual routes.

Source: 2023 TITLE VI PROGRAM UPDATE, from the 2023-10 Rapid board meeting packet (PDF). Report begins on page 21, the on-time performance table is found on page 46.