May (2018) Was Reform Month

At the May 22nd meeting of the City Commission the licensing of the following items was repealed:

The "Special Event Permit" has also been repealed; the Special Events department has an overlapping, and more current, process for licensing special events.

The publication of a complete replacement of the pedi-cab ordinance has been authorized; the measure will be considered for adoption on June 5th, 2018. The new ordinance [text here] is notably understandable and straight-forward.

Additionally the food truck PILOT program has been extended until January 31st, 2019. If not extended the trial period would have ended in September, during Art-Prize. Prior to that extended expiration the City Commission should receive the conclusion of the 2-year pilot study and hopefully move forward with a permanent ordinance.

These reforms are part of a process to ensure that the city's licensing policies are not burdensome, duplicate, or obsolete. Unnecessary regulation is often a facilitator of inequitable outcomes.

Put more plainly: the City Commission and staff should be commended for every step taken which increases the credibility of local government. We should not be ruled by the unmerited fears of a now fading generation.

Now, since we are speaking of regulations that cannot be credibly defended; about the Zoning Code . . .